Writing Prompt: The season of wine, roses and drunken friends…

The clouds drifted across a red sky this evening. For a short moment, the clouds broke and you could see a half moon.  Most would agree that this has not been a warm summer. If anything, we’ve had the other three seasons in varying degrees over the past month. Rain, cloud, mist, fog, showers, flooding, and very very little sun, just short of snow some nights, brrr…

Everyone has their favourite season. As much as I love summer, the sun, warmth, cocktails on the terrace, outdoor swimming, people watching in Princes Street gardens, BBQs and falling asleep in a hammock, the season I love best is autumn.

When September comes and the evenings begin to cool, I can pull out my warmer clothes, my favourite tall boots from the back of the wardrobe. Suddenly, comfort food is comforting. Tomato soup, Sunday roasts and apple crumble are on the menu. The leaves fall in a hundred colours in the small pocket gardens scattered throughout the city and sometimes I sit in a nest of red, amber and orange hues feeling a warm drizzle of mist from the Forth.

If I had to pick my season, it’s nearly here. The door is creaking open to the warm colours of autumn. I look forward to curling up in front of my fireplace after work in my pajamas with a glass of Pinot Noir and the cat.

Right now, the wind is blowing and the trees in the garden are swaying. I’m cosy with my red wine, cat and quilt. Instead of mourning the loss of summer, I’m greeting autumn with open arms.

So, what’s your favourite season?

Writing Prompt: The Season…

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