Writing Prompt: You did what???

I was out with a friend of mine this evening and we got onto the subject of some of the crazy things we’ve done in the past, particularly when alcohol was involved. We’ve all done something stupid or a bit daft. Once a friend of mine (who shall remain nameless) ran naked through a beach campfire. A couple of mates got into a fight (playful at first) that resulted in a broken ankle. I had an interesting run in at a strip bar in San Francisco (less said about that the better).

So, think back. What is the maddest thing you ever did after you’ve had a few?

Writing Prompt: You did what?

2 thoughts on “Writing Prompt: You did what???

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  1. At a New Year’s party several years back, I had tossed back more than a few glasses of champagne and felt relatively bullet-proof. One of our friends who’d had even more celebrating than I had was sitting against a wall, completely upright and completely asleep. As he was near the door, we worried that perhaps he was getting chilled. In a very friendly gesture, I removed my bra and placed it on his head to serve as ear muffs. I’ve not seen that particular bra since, and I’m not certain I want to.

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