Writing Prompt: Change

Can a person change?

This is a question that has troubled me for years. I have seen evidence that anything is possible if a person wants something enough. Indeed, my own father, who was once closed and difficult to read, distant and strict, one day became affectionate, communicative and expressive. I think he just realised one day that if he didn’t his children would grow up and he wouldn’t know them.

I have struggled to be a certain type of person for years. I wish I had discipline, the courage of my convictions, strength, bravery, conscience. How many times have I made resolutions to write something meaningful, to be a kinder friend, to be the best at what I do and listen to what my heart dictates and how many times have I failed? I guess I can take heart in the idea that as long as I have the desire, the willingness to try, the eagerness to change and not give up, there is still hope that I might someday become a person of substance.

I’m writing this because I’ve come to the decision to try again. Some people choose their birthdays to wipe the slate clean. Some people wait for New Year’s Eve to start again. Others still say that “this is the first day of the rest of your life”.  What’s wrong with right now?

I have some things to do, so I’ll leave you with this thought, can a person change? Can you know you need to do something and just do it? (forgive the Nike reference).

Writing Prompt: Change

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  1. Goods thoughts. I’ve always wondered if one can change, I think you can. But it doesn’t happen immediately, or overnight, simply: gradually, over time, with some effort.

    You can do it. 😀


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