The rain in Spain…..I mean Scotland…

Hi there,

Sorry I’ve been useless at posting this week.  I’ve been away on business most of the week.  Sadly, next week won’t be much better as I’m going to be in sunny Spain for a week and won’t be allowed near a computer. (Blackberry coming with me – I keep it close to my heart – LOSER).

Wouldn’t you know it…over the past months the weather in Scotland has be G-R-I-M. Rain and fog have hindered our fair city and summer is just something that happens to other countries. Now that I’m getting ready to hop a plane to somewhere warm, Edinburgh has had a few nice evenings. I even managed a BBQ in the garden last week. (probably the last one for the year)

Well, wish me luck in the tan-top-up department and I’ll catch you in a week.

For now, happy writing.

Eliza D

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