Writing Prompt: Time is funny stuff…

I’ve been hitting the treadmill hard this evening. I volunteered for a 1/2 marathon in three week’s time and I’ve not been training properly. I gave it my all for 7km and I know it’s not nearly good enough. At this rate, I’m going to have to run every night for the next three weeks to have a chance of finishing in under 2 hours as is my goal.

It’s funny, when I said I’d do this, I had 6 weeks to train. It seemed like forever, that I could be fit and ready with time to spare. Did I use the time I had? Of course not…

Now, with time running out and the day creeping up on me, I’m annoyed at myself for not making the most of my spare time. As I was panting away at the gym, I willed myself to go faster and keep going, even when I had a stitch in my side. I thought of things I would rather be doing and in my head I laughed at the thought that when I was a minute away from completing the next kilometre, it seemed like an hour away. I thought of some of things I enjoy doing and the times I’ve felt like an hour seemed to fly away from me in an instant.

Have you ever had time slip away from you when you were happy?  Did you ever wish for just one more hour? How many times have you said, “just one more minute” or “give me a second”?

On the flip side, have you have had an experience when time seemed to stand still when all you wanted was for a moment to pass?

Writing Prompt: Time is funny stuff

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