Writing Prompt: Brave or Stupid?

How often do we do things we think are brave or adventurous and others think are just plain stupid? For instance, some might look at the old argument of climbing a mountain because its there as ill justification for putting oneself in harm’s way. Others like the view of the world from up top…

I ran a 1/2 marathon on Sunday with no training just because I promised I would and I wanted to tick a box in my “I need to do that before I snuff it” box. Admirable for going through with it, or just pain stupid? You decide. Me, I’m on the sofa with an ice pack on my knee, a glass of red wine and a hot bath running in the background trying to figure it out…

So, think about some of the things we put ourselves through and write about them from a few points of view. Clever, brave, or just plain stupid?

Writing Prompt: Brave or Stupid?

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