Writing Prompt: Dreams and Nightmares

When I woke this morning, my pajamas were soaking in sweat. My heart was pounding. The scariest part was realising that I was sitting up. Titch ran from her cushion on the floor in the hallway and curled herself up on my lap. As I stroked her soft black fur, my breathing became more regular and I calmed down. I’d had a nightmare.

For weeks now I’ve been having vivid dreams. Sometimes they’re about work, at other times they’re commonplace visions of my day to day life.

Sometimes, when I dream about something pleasant, I wake up and get angry that it’s over. On Monday I had been having a particularly good dream and when I woke, it was 5 minutes ahead of the alarm, time to get ready for work. I kicked off my covers and tried to replay the dream in my head, hoping that if I hit rewind over and over again, it might come back to me. Throughout the day, I thought about my dreams and it cheered me up when things were looking a bit rough. The issues with clients, the back to back meetings, the mountain of email, all just became things to be done while I re-told myself the story that had formed in my head. The vague images became more vivid in my imagination and I looked forward to pulling on my blue flannel jammies and hitting the hay that night.

 Try this – keep a notepad by the bed and write down your dreams and nightmares, no matter how random. You never know what might come out.

Writing Prompt: Dreams and Nightmares

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  1. A woman was having many exciting dreams but could never remember them. A friend suggested keeping a notebook by the bed, which she did.

    One afternoon, she remembered that she’d had another of those dreams, a dream in which a great Secret had been revealed to her. She couldn’t remember the dream, but she did recall sitting up and writing in the notebook.

    She ran upstairs and, sure enough, she’d scrawled something in the notebook. It read:

    Hoggamus-higgamus, men are polygamous.
    Higgamus-hoggamus, women monogamous.

  2. I can completely agree with you. I hate it when you awake from a dream that you desperately want to be a part of again. One thing that I need to know is what was your dream about?

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