Writing Prompt: Family

I’ve been home for a few hours, curled up on the sofa with Titch, who attached herself to me the moment I came in, trying to snooze. After three weeks away from home, I want nothing more than to sleep in my own bed with Titch at my feet. Unfortunately, I’m so tired, I can’t sleep. So, here I am at the laptop with Blade Runner (Final Cut) on the TV and the fire going. It’s supposed to snow tonight and although it’s pretty on the hill when there’s a layer of white, like powdered sugar across the top, I already miss the sun of California.

I’ve decided that a week at home every year or 18 months isn’t enough, so I’ve promised my parents I’d go back in June. As the years move on, I realise that it means more to me to be close to them. We’ve always been a close family in terms of relationship and communication, even if not geographically. Being with them, even for a few days made me happy and relaxed. So, I’m resolved to spend more time in the States.

Is there someone in your family you wish you could spend more time with? What is it that makes so many of us take our families for granted? Did you ever notice that you’re often nicer to strangers than you are your own kin?

Writing Prompt: Family

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