Writing Prompt: The City

As I pushed past the crowd of tourists and street vendors, the smell of fish and sourdough bread made me queezy. The sun was beginning to set and the fading light turned the sky orange. I moved past the cannery and up the hill toward Ghirardelli Square. Distracted, as I chased the sun, a cable car narrowly missed my head as I ran across the tracks.

When I reached Bay Street, I turned right and ran along Galileo High School and thought of Joe DiMaggio and O.J. Simpson. By the time I reached the cool grass of the Marina, I was out of breath. I bent by head down, resting my hands on my knees and waited for my breathing to slow to a steady pace. I made it, I thought and taking off my sweatshirt settled onto the grass.

There was a breeze coming from the bay. Traffic moved behind my spot in the park and when I looked up, there it was. The bridge created a perfect frame for the setting sun. I was getting cold, but I didn’t want to move. I waited until the last ray of light disappeared from the horizon and the sky was lit by the lights of the bridge and the city behind me. It was so rare for me to pull myself away from the TV to go for a run in the evening and even more rare for the timing to be so perfect.

San Francsico is my favourite city. It has beauty, character and a diversity from end to end that I’ve never been able to find anywhere else. There are other places I love, Venice, Edinburgh, London. I love them because whenever I go to them, I find something new nestled among the favourite familiar places that make each city my own.

Describe your favourite city in terms of landmarks, scenery, street names. Use as much description as possible to set up a scene without specifically naming the place.

Writing Prompt: The City

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