Writing Prompt: January Ends

Hi all,

With January drawing rapidly to a close, I bet a lot of us have already lapsed on the New Years resolutions. So, if you had to be honest, how is it going? What was on your list and how are you getting on?

If you could only accomplish one thing this year, what would it be?

Writing Prompt: January Ends

Writing Prompt: Anything at all

I often ask myself, if I could do anything at all, if bills and time were not a factor, what would I do? The answer hasn’t varied too much over the years. So, how would I spend every waking moment of every day?

I’d shut myself up in my office with a coffee maker, my books, writing desk and computer. I’d nestle into my chair, (a director’s chair made of burnt orange canvas). I wish sometimes that I had two lives I could live every day. One in the office where I write and read and dream my days away. Another where I run around learning and speaking with people who work in my industry.

If you could do anything at all, what would it be?

Writing Prompt: Anything at all

Quote for the day

If you live only for yourself you are always in immediate danger of being bored to death with the repetition of your own views and interests.

– W. Beran Wolfe

Writing Prompt: Purple Curtains

I haven’t written in a while. Between work, travel and generally feeling unpleasant, I’ve not felt the creative muse (fickle thing) around lately…

But, since we have to look around us for inspiration, I’m forcing myself to write. I looked around the room to see if there was anything I could focus on and what caught my eye was the way the sun was peeking through my bedroom window’s purple curtains. The light casts a slightly lavender hue on the cream walls. I haven’t left the room for more that a few minutes, just long enough to get some soup from the kitchen and to drag my laptop from my office to the bed. I haven’t been ill in ages, but it got me thinking about people who are ill for weeks or months, trapped in a confined space.

As I look around the room I see my things, my cluttered room, messy and familiar. The overflowing laundry basket in the corner, the little TV mounted on the wall, my pink and silver hairdryer on the floor next to my handbag and the clothes I was wearing yesterday. Perfume bottles litter the dresser, on my bedside table there’s an alarm clock set to the wrong time, next to me is the cat, a permanent fixture at my side whenever I’m ill.

So, look around you. Describe the room. Things, textures, colours, anything that helps us feel like we’ve been there…

Writing Prompt: Purple Curtains

Writing Prompt: The Book List

As you may have noticed through some of the other pages on the site, I’ve started a new book list for 2009. As I go through them, I’m writing down what I finish and adding a review. So far, I’ve read “Candide” by Voltaire (for the 20th time), “Fire in the Blood” by Irene Nemirovsky and “Boy in the Striped Pajamas” by John Boyne. I’ve loved all three in different ways and I highly recommend them all. Particularly the last one on the list. I read it on train journeys to and from work over two days. Having finished it tonight, it left me sad, a little shaken and with the total conviction that I’ll read it again. It was beautiful and although it ended in the only tragic way a book on that subject could, I didn’t want it to end. I’ve just picked up “Crooked Little Vein” by Warren Ellis and I’m sure it too will be completed in a matter of days, judging by the speed at which I’m turning the first few pages.

I’ve always been an ambitious reader. I make lists, set targets; I’ve spend thousands on books throughout my life and I’m proud of the little library I’ve collected and stacked on the dark wood shelves around me. There are some books there that I’ve had for years and never got around to, this is their year.

Tell me, if you could get through ten books this year that you’ve always wanted to go through, but never managed, which ones would they be? What is it about them that attracts you? Is it a recommendation, a genre, the author, the storyline? What we read speaks volumes about who we are. What does your list say about you?

From the books above, I’d say I’m a tragic-romantic prone to the darker side of life who appreciates irony….

Writing Prompt: The Book List

Storytelling reveals meaning without committing the error of defining it.

– Hannah Arendt

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