Writing Prompt: Snow Day/Moonlight

It’s funny how different people react to the harsh weather. I looked out the window and saw the fields behind my house covered with snow. The hillside wore a white blanket, inviting me to slide down on a sledge. When I went to the front of the house, the street and gardens were hidden and unfortunately, so was my car. There were at least six inches of fresh, fluffy powder over the windows, on the driveway, all over the garden. Down the steps, there were deep, tiny footprints where Titch had clearly stepped out and disliking the cold, had turned straight around and back to warmth on the house.

Trains have been cancelled or delayed every day. The roads have been treacherous.  As I drove down the hill to the train station this morning, my back wheels skid slightly, but I was able to correct them and carry on. A friend was not so lucky the other day, having ended up in a hedge. I was grateful to hear he was all right, but it has made me more careful than usual.

The fire is lit, Titch is at my side. I looked out the window a moment ago and the full moon is out, huge and magnificent in the sky. It’s strange, it’s a little quirk of mine. I love the sight of the full moon. I’ve seen it over so many cities over the years and I always associate it with happy memories.

So, a cold but beautiful day, followed by a freezing lovely night.

What do you think of when you see snow covered hill and a big full moon?

Writing Prompt: Snow Day/Moonlight

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