Peace and Quiet

I’ve had a lazy weekend. I don’t often have a weekend where I feel at liberty to relax and do as I please. At some point from the time I leave work to the time I get home, I feel guilty if I don’t pick up an industry book or do research online. Today, I woke at 930am and found Titch curled up next to me in her usual place. The house was quiet and a bit of sunlight was coming in from window. I put on my glasses and turned on the TV. I had put in a DVD of season 1 of Battlestar Galactica the night before, but didn’t watch it. So, I hit play and buried my head under the blankets so that only my face was peeking out.

I was due to go to my friend Arlene’s house for brunch at 11.30, followed by a walk on a farm nearby with her two dogs; Blue, a hyperactive Border Collie and Sky, a black and white pointer.

We strolled along the muddy fields, avoiding the snow patches on the ground, remnants of last week’s snowfall. We chatted about nothing in particular and she gave me a tip on a place to get a massage nearby. I had an appointment booked within half an hour.

On the way home, I bought everything I’d need to cook a week’s worth of food and when I got home, set to work in the kitchen. There’s now enough bolognese sauce, chili and Mexican stew to last over a week. I love my freezer.

So, now I’m watching Ghostbusters, an old favourite from when I was in High School. Titch is asleep at my side (again). I’m heading up to bed in a few minutes and I don’t feel even remotely guilty about the fact that I’m going to bed earlier than I have since I was ten…

Good night, I’m off to have some peace and quite.

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