Writing Prompt: Sleep

Titch is at the foot of the bed. Her head is buried in the duvet, a foot away from me. I have had the most irregular sleep the past week, through travel and going out. Last night, having got home from a trip at around 8pm, I was exhausted but couldn’t sleep. By 3am I decided to have another go at getting my head down for the night. I woke to find Titch licking my forehead in the most vigorous manner. It was 11am – I has slept 8 hours, the longest I has slept in three weeks.

It’s funny how sleep is something we all need and have different associations with. Sometimes I regard it as an inconvenience, feeling deprived of time for everything I wish to do each day. At other times , it’s a haven, a place to escape to when I’m tired and have no further desire to think on the day.

I don’t often remember my dreams, but when I do, I like to write them down. They can be a great source of inspiration for stories, ideas and allow you to explore possibilities that my not be open to you in your waking life.

I also find that when you write things down first thing in the morning, your mind is more free. The filter hasn’t been placed there and you’re less likely to edit what you write. So, try this, keep a notepad by the bed and write down everything you remember when you wake.

Writing Prompt: Sleep

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