Writing Prompt: The morning after…

All sorts of things happen to people when they've had a few too many drinks. Lord knows I've had my fair share of memory hiccups. I've lost my favourite scarf twice, woken up with a cigarette burn on my wrist (on the inside where it really hurts), found a blue woolen glove in my handbag,... Continue Reading →

Writing Quote

Writing is an occupation in which you have to keep proving your talent to those who have none. - Jules Renard

Writing Prompt: Isolation

Lord of the Rings is on the TV. Titch is on her favourite cushion on the sofa. I've spent the last hour and a half on the stepper. The laundry in the house is done, every stitch. My feet are sore, but I feel like popping The Two Towers in when this DVD is over... Continue Reading →

Hello again

I've been a disaster at writing lately. Between traveling, work, and life and general, inspiration has been evasive. To be honest, I feel like I've been having some sort of a life overload, like my brain is having a meltdown and needs to re-boot. The one constant in my life has been Titch's devotion. Every... Continue Reading →

Writing Prompt: Sunlight

Sun on snow creates an interesting effect. Through the fluffy powder on the surface, you catch glimpses of bright blue ice, a thing to admire when you’re looking at it, something to avoid when you’re in skis.   As the sun hits the snow and the wind picks up, you can see a thin layer... Continue Reading →

Quote for the day

Self pity is easily the most destructive of the non pharmaceutical narcotics; it is addictive, gives momentary pleasure and separates the victim from reality. - John William Gardner

Writing Prompt: Burn After Writing

I always advocate writing from the heart and not self-editing. Sometimes it's hard to say what one really feels, even if you're sure that no one is going to read it. Imagine the kind of freedom that could come from being absolutely certain that your thoughts and feelings will be safe from peering eyes. Try... Continue Reading →

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