Writing Prompt: Burn After Writing

I always advocate writing from the heart and not self-editing. Sometimes it’s hard to say what one really feels, even if you’re sure that no one is going to read it. Imagine the kind of freedom that could come from being absolutely certain that your thoughts and feelings will be safe from peering eyes.

Try this: Spill your guts on the page and promise yourself that you’ll burn it as soon as you’re done writing. You can say absolutely ANYTHING. Sometimes all we need is to write things down to give ourselves a bit of clarity. Have a go, bring a match, don’t burn the house down…

Writing Prompt: Burn After Writing

2 thoughts on “Writing Prompt: Burn After Writing

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  1. Yes and No! You are right, freedom and safety are liberating. A writer needs to feel unthreatened. You make it sound like that safety if found in isolation. I believe that safety is found in community. What’s the point of writing if not for an audience at some point? Even when trying to get to the real stuff deep inside you that you cannot express at first try. Why even try if you are not going to share what you find eventually?
    Would you say for a writer (artist) there is a difference between isolation and solitude? And if so, is that difference more profound than just the definition of two words?
    I like the idea of spilling guts on the page but I’m not so sure destroying it is freeing or facilitating.

  2. I always keep my “Emotional break down” writing. I would die if someone saw what I wrote about me, but once it is safely insulated as a characters feelings and not mine, I sit back and admire it. Funny how that works.

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