Writing Prompt: Sunlight

Sun on snow creates an interesting effect. Through the fluffy powder on the surface, you catch glimpses of bright blue ice, a thing to admire when you’re looking at it, something to avoid when you’re in skis.


As the sun hits the snow and the wind picks up, you can see a thin layer of snowflakes dancing in the breeze and you can almost imagine you’re in some remote place. Maybe you’re Shakleton, dragging a lifeboat across the Antarctic, or a zoologist watching polar bears in the Arctic.

When I woke up this morning, the sun was coming in through the blinds and it was nice to see the mountains lit up by the sun. After a long, long, cold winter in Scotland, it’s comforting to fire up the stove for pancakes and coffee in the morning sun.

Over the years, I’ve begun to appreciate just how much the sun (or lack of it) affects me. I feel calmer, a little happier, there’s a spring in my step. I love toasting myself on the beach and sitting on the rooftop of with my laptop, writing and watching the world go by.

How does the sun affect you?

Writing Prompt: Sunlight

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