Writing Prompt: Your Opening Line

Often the hardest part of writing is just getting started. So, in this prompt, I’ll lend a hand, creating a scenario you can pick up from and create a scene or complete story.

1. You’re character is in a crowded, noisy bar waiting for some friends. While they’re there, they see someone sitting alone at the bar staring  into their drink. The person at the bar is clearly upset. They stand up and as they head towards the door, something falls out of their pocket, which your main character decides to retrieve.

What fell, what does your character do and what are the consequences?

2. Your character has been left in charge of feeding a neighbour’s pets while they’re on holiday for a few days, but forgets. The day before the neighbours are due back, your character remembers and rushes to the neighbour’s house.

They find something unexpected when they arrive at the house. What is it and what does your character do?

3. Your main character is being bullied at school. To his surprise, he discovers that his tormentor has a crush on his sister. What does your main character do with this information?

Ok – that should get you started. Have fun. Happy writing.

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