Writing Prompt: To sleep, perchance to dream

I just walked in the door after yet another flight back up from London. I love London as my home, but I still feel my shoulders drop in relief when I walk in the door back in Soctland. Titch was nowhere to be seen. She wasn’t at her usual places around the house, curled up in the guestroom bed, asleep on a chair in my bedroom or her favourite place, on top of the fridge. I know, weird, huh? I opened an upstairs window and called out into the garden for her. Within a few seconds, I could hear her belting up the stairs to greet me.

I did the things I usually do when I’ve been away for the weekend. I played with Titch, pulled apart my luggage, grabbed a drink, called my Mom to let her know I was home ok and put on some comfy clothes. It being Mother’s Day in the US, I called to wish my mother a Happy Mother’s Day, then sat to work on writing this.

The thing that has been running through my head most of today is how much I miss my bed. For the past weeks I’ve had some vivid dreams, almost stories running around my head. Rather than wear me out, I wake up feeling up beat and optimistic, wanting to write them down before I head into work. Alas, I usually hit the snooze button too often for me to get up in time to do anything about it.

I’m sure there’s a point to this. Oh yes, I’ve been eager to get to bed for a few reasons today. For one thing, I’m exhausted from flying up and down the country so often this month. An early night is what is required if I’m going to get through the week ahead. The second thing is that I have a feeling I’m going to dream again tonight, but this time I want to write it down when I wake.

So, here’s a challenge. Leave a notebook by the bed. Regardless of whether or not you dream tonight, the first thing you do is reach over and start writing. Write longhand for three pages without editing. Leave it for the day then go back to it. You’d be surprised what comes out before you’re fully awake. You might find something interesting.  I’m off to find a notebook, a pen and my pajamas. Good night and good luck.

Writing Prompt: To sleep, perchance to dream…

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