Writing Prompt: Perfect Day

A thin opening between my bedroom curtains let in a bright ray of sunlight that woke me. It was late. A session of chat and red wine with friends the night before left me tired and eager to sleep. The cat was curled up above my head, nestled on one of the pillows. We both yawned and stretched, nearly in unison, then scrambled to our feet. Pulling the curtains wide, I took a deep drink of sunshine and prepared to face the rest of what was left of the day.

I showered and dressed in my cropped jeans and a cool cotton top in preparation for the great outdoors. Princes Street Gardens seemed like a good way to enjoy the rare sunshine in Scotland. News said a heatwave – I was skeptical.

I called a friend and arranged to meet at the shops to buy food for a picnic. When I reached the city centre, the streets were full of life. Tourists, locals, charity collectors, mothers with prams and groups of teenagers dodged each other on the pavements.

When my friend and I met, we selected our lunch and made our way to the shade of a tree in the garden. We watched the world go by from our picnic spot and spied two bunnies munching grass and buttercups. A squirrel approached, as if wanting to join the four of us in our picnic. We selected some small strawberries from our punnet and tossed them in their direction and the squirrel helped himself. I had never seen a squirrel eat a strawberry before and watching him made me feel like a soppy little kid at the petting zoo.

As the evening crept in, I remembered I had another engagement and with great reluctance to leave the park went to meet more friends. Once together, we had dinner, cocktails and great chat. When night had settled in, I was fed, a little tipsy on rum and conversation and happy.

It was a perfect day. What made it perfect was the combination of simple, wonderful ingredients. Friends, peace, good food and sunshine. It was an average day, but perfect in it simplicity.

Have you ever had a perfect day? Think about one of those days where everything seemed just right and describe it.

Writing Prompt: Perfect Day


3 thoughts on “Writing Prompt: Perfect Day

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  1. I am a country Doctor.

    My perfect day is to see my favorite patients until lunch, then play nine holes of golf with my boy. After that, my Mafar and Miss Marie (my wife and daughter) and I will cook on the grill. I’ll write a few passages, then play bluegrass mandolin and sing baritone at the Bomb Shelter with Darin and the boys until the wee hours.

    The next day I’ll get up and do the same all over again.

    Come to think of it, that is what I do every day.

    Dr. Tom Bibey


  2. The perfect day: There’s many to choose from, but today I’m thinking about sitting by the lake, beneath the She-oaks, listening to them sing. It’s autumn, it’s cool. The sun touches my skin with delicate fingers and I shudder as the heat intensifies beneath my skin. My husband touches my hand. He’s smiling because I’m smiling. We close our eyes and listen. Pelicans, children, laughter and singing trees. A perfect moment.

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