Writing Prompt: The Hardest Word

My relationship with someone close to me is damaged, hopefully not permanently, but it’s going to be hard to fix. Have you ever wanted to repair some damage with someone even when you believe they’re partly in the wrong? Sometimes we say hurtful things to deflect from the fact that we’re the ones acting like jerks. How do you put things right? Never under estimate the power of a well written letter. I might try that.

I think at one point or another we all get it wrong and need to re-build a bridge. Sometimes we gloss over the apology or avoid it all together. Think back. Have you ever said or done anything to someone you wanted to take back?

Write an apology. Write what you really feel, then put it aside. How do you feel for having committed it to paper? I’m not saying you have to give it to anyone, this is something for you. Have a go, see where it takes you.

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