Writing Prompt: The Listener

You have to write through everything. There are times when life throws you a curve ball and you want to give up, throw your pen in the bin and say “What’s the point?”. Sometimes it’s tempting to sulk and feel sorry for yourself or to try to defer your writing to days when you’re feeling better, more inspired. You can’t. Through sadness or joy, thrilled or heart broken, you have to press on and write. It’s a way of living life twice, once in the heart and once in the head.

Funny, it’s when I feel the most desperate and isolated that I force myself to the desk. The journal always listens, it’s never too busy, doesn’t argue, doesn’t judge or reject you. It’s just there, with its smooth pages and narrow lines waiting to be visited, to be filled up with the wanderings of your heart.

Try this. Sit down, right now and write for ten minutes about how you feel. Are you in a good mood, bad mood, sad, relaxed…In short, try to record how you’re feeling at that moment. Write freehand, don’t edit.

Writing Prompt: The Listener

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