Writing Prompt: The Photograph

I sat at the desk and looked around the room seeking inspiration. It came to me in the form of an empty picture frame. I searched my memory for the photograph that was once housed there and found none. I can’t remember the frame being there before. Was it a gift, a purchase at a garage sale, did it belong to someone else?

It seemed strange to me that all around me on the walls and on every inch of desk and table in this room there was a photo in the centre of a decorative frame. But this frame, plain silver and alone rested on the window sill image-less.

Photo can be very powerful things. They can evoke memories, feelings, imagination… Although it’s just a picture, have you ever tired removing the eyes from a photo? You’ll find that it provokes a really unpleasant sensation in most people, even though it’s just paper…

Try this: Create a scene where the main character finds a photograph nestled in the pages of a book, long abandoned. What is the photo of and what memory does it bring back to the character? Alternatively, create a scene where the main character comes home to find a photo missing from their home. What was the photo, who took it and why?

Have fun.

Writing Prompt: The Photograph

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