Writing Prompt: The Wrong Door

Have you ever walked into the wrong room by mistake or got off on the wrong floor in a hotel or office building? Have you ever got on the wrong train?

A few years ago, I ran to catch a connecting flight from New York to San Francisco. I barely made it. As I settled into my seat on the nearly-empty flight, the air hostess came and handed me a little wet towel for my face and a drink.

I was relieved that for once, my flight would arrive on time and my family would not be kept waiting at SFO.

As we began to pull away from the terminal, the captain greeted us. “Good evening and welcome to this non-stop service to San Francisco”.

A man seated at the front of the plane leapt  from his seat and shouted, “San Francisco! I’m going to Chicago!”

Fortunately for him, they pulled back into the terminal and let him off, but unfortunately for me, I landed in SFO a bit late.

I was wondering, what would he have done if he had not notice on time? What could he have done if he went all the way to San Francisco? What was waiting for him in Chicago? What sort of adventure could he have had?

Try this: Write a short narrative about someone who ends up somewhere they didn’t expect. What happened? How did they get there and what is the impact?

Have fun – happy travelling.

Writing Prompt: The Wrong Door

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