Writing Prompt: Right before your eyes…

As I walked through the city of Edinburgh, I realised that I had not taken in the beauty of the city for some time. There were the gardens of Inverleith Park, complete with a little sundial garden, benches peppered around the place. From the top of the hill, you can see a small swan pond with the city opening out before your eyes, the castle, the grand centre-piece of the horizon.

In the old town, I poked my head around ancient buildings, cobbled streets and the nooks and crannies that give the city its wonderful atmosphere. 

Down by the Dynamic Earth and the Parliament buildings, I strolled and watched couples looking out at the crowds of the Fridge Festival. The heaving streets of the Cowgate and the Grassmarket, bursting with life and a hundred accents reminded me that although small is size, Edinburgh is enormous in stature.

Every city has its own magic, we just take the things we see every day for granted.

Look around your town, take in the views, appreciate the scenery and write what you see.

Writing Prompt: Right before your eyes…

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  1. I just realized why I like WA so much. At least in the part where I live, it isn’t one big cage. In my hometown, I happened to notice that no matter where I went, I was trapped. You could only walk on sidewalks, fenced roads, or walled enclosures. You could only drive on roads. You could walk into buildings, but they were also walled off. Even the parks were fenced.

    Here everything is open. You can walk where you please, and the only sign to be weary of is the “No trespassing” signs.

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