Writing Prompt: Transition

The seasons are beginning to change. The weather over the past few days has been a bit schizophrenic, shifting from sun to rain and back again from one moment to the next. That’s normal in Scotland. I looked out of my office window and noticed that the tops of the trees in Charlotte Square are transforming from lush green to brown, gold and yellow, hailing the return of Autumn. This is my favourite season.

The cold and wet makes me sad, but I look on the bright side. I can dig out my warm jumpers and it’s homemade soup season. I look at Titch and envy her permanent fur coat.

Everything changes. Seasons, relationships, jobs, interests…think about something significant that has changed for you this year. What was it? How did you adapt? How do you feel about it? Be honest and descriptive. For me, it was all of the above.

Writing Prompt: Transition

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