Writing Prompt: The Eyes Have It

You can tell so much from a person’s eyes. You can tell if they’re happy, sad, tired, lying, honest, angry, sincere. There is something quite disarming about looking, really looking, into a person’s eyes. Have you ever watched someone laugh and see the true feeling in their expression?

Eye colour is also interesting. Now, I’ll admit, I’ve always been a fan of blue, probably because I have such boring brown ones myself, but I spoke to someone recently and was struck by how dark their eye were. I kept looking, trying to see the edge that divided the pupil from the iris. Quite extraordinaly, really.

Some people are able to communicate almost exclusively with their eyes, not moving a muscle or curving their mouth to tell you what they’re thinking, but rather, relying on their eyes to convey messages.

Next time you’re talking to someone, pay particular attention to their expressions and how their eyes change when you speak. Try to describe them in a charater where most of the exchange is based around facial expression rather than pure dialogue. It’s hard to describe in writing, but have a go.

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