Writing Prompt: Six Degrees

Edinburgh is a village. No matter where I go, I run into either someone I know, or someone who knows someone I know. Although I sometimes like the familiarity of it all, sometime I miss the anonymity of a larger city, like London. When I lived there, I could go months or even years without seeing someone I knew by chance. Now, I can scarcely go a week.

I guess the point is, that I sometimes struggle to keep the people who occupy different circles in my life separate. The few times I have brought people together it has been fun, but the worry that people won’t have anything in common troubles me sometimes. I also worry about how to behave when people mix and mingle. I think most of us act differently with our friend than with our colleague, with family and with acquaintances.

Just for fun – try writing a scene where someone suddenly finds themselves with the following: a colleague, and ex, a friend, a family member and a stranger. What kind of trouble can you get your character into. To make it more interesting, Try writing the scene in pure dialogue  – play format.

Writing Prompt: Six Degrees

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  1. I have a very mixed set of friends too – some from two different high schools, some from places I’ve worked, others were picked up along the way. I used to worry that a gathering of all these personalities might end either in disaster or boredom. Then I invited everyone I knew to my wedding and the opposite was true. Now I don’t care – they’re adults and they all know how to communicate.

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