Writing Prompt: Snow Day

I’ve found myself stranded in the house on more than one occasion this season. Today, armed with good intentions with regards to DIY, I prepared to brave the post-holiday carnage and hit the shops for some household bits and pieces. As I looked out the window, I realised it wasn’t going to happen. The snow poured out over the streets, my car, my neighbours houses, making them look like they were being dusted with powdered sugar.

I resigned myself to staying indoors and settled into my black slippers to write. Today, I’ve read, I’ve written, I;ve cleaned my office, cooked and tidied. I did all of the things I put off and ignored the TV (with the exception of 90 minutes for the Arsenal game).

I feel content that this day was not wasted by the snow. There is a sense of order and purpose around me, aided by my forced, snow-bound imprisonment. There is food in the pantry and tea in the pot.

If you were stuck in the house for 1 month with all of the essentials but no TV or internet, what would you do?

Try this, write down your ambitions for a month of solitude.

Merry Christmas…

One thought on “Writing Prompt: Snow Day

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  1. I would spend a fair amount of time panicking. Once I got over that, I would do what I am meaning to do this year, in addition to promoting my book: finishing a draft of a second novel and completing a revision of my memoir.

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