Writing Prompt: Creating Conflict

One of the hardest things to do when putting together an engaging and believable story is creating conflict for your characters.  You can spend a lot of time developing  characters that readers want to care about, but you need to give them something to do. That’s where conflict comes in.

Try this, expand on one or more of the following scenarios:

1. Your main character, after talking on their mobile behind the wheel, hits a cyclist.

2. Two office workers discover their boss is embezzling.

3. A child discovers one of their parents is having an affair. How do they handling this information?

4. Your main character discovers a body late one night on the way home from the pub.

5. Three people find themselves snowed in for a week with no electricity. Two of them hate each other. Why and how does this situation affect their relationship?

6. Your protagonist is told they only have a month to live.

Ok – have fun.

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