Writing Prompt: Superstition, fate and tarot

I’ve never been particularly superstitious. I’ve walked under ladders, my black cat crosses my path every day and I once put my hand through a mirror. (that hurt) I even spilled salt on the kitchen floor the other day – no way I was going put any over my shoulder and spread the mess. I read my horoscope for a laugh on the train, but never take it seriously. For my birthday one year, my best friend paid a tarot card read to do a reading for me in a cafe in Notting Hill. She was good and even though she had no prior information about me, got me pegged on a few things that were specific enough for me to scratch my head and go “huh?”

The point is, all these things are all very well, but I believe that you make your own luck. I mean that there is nothing on a card or star sign that is going to make a difference. Having said that, they are very interesting concepts and can be entertaining. They can be a bit of a laugh, especially if someone actually does what their horoscope or tarot cards say to the letter.

Try this, open up the newspaper and pick a horoscope. Write a story using that as the basis for a main character’s actions. What sort of trouble can they get into by doing exactly what their horoscope says? An alternative is to take a cynic (like me) and have them do everything you’re not supposed to do (ladder, salt, mirror, etc) what happens to them throughout the day to make them convinced there’s something to it after all?

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