Writing Prompt: Trying to stay ahead of the weather

I’m staying in tonight because it’s snowing. Yes, SNOWING! We’re a day away from April and I have the fire going downstairs, the winter duvet around me and I’m snowed in. I’ve been going through my wardrobe and all I see is wool, corduroy and hooded jumpers. I long for Spring, green grass, blossoms and lush green, leafy trees under the castle. I want to stroll in the Princes Street gardens and maybe have an ice cream with a chocolate flake in the middle.

On days like today, when I’m cold and stranded, I think of home, drenched in sun and dry air from the desert. I miss walking in sandals and summer skirts. I remember iced tea left to steep in great big glass jars in the sun on the deck. By the pool, I lay on a cotton towel and try not to let me feet touch the cement because it’s too hot. Every 15 minutes I turn over and bake another part of my body and watch the tan line where my watch rests on my wrist deepen. This has been a long, hard winter, the longest I can remember.

Spring has always been my favourite season, but at this rate, I’m afraid I’ll miss it.

What’s your favourite season? Describe the things you love about it and the associations you have. Try to incorporate all of the senses.

Bundle up.

Writing Prompt: Ahead of the weather

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  1. Hi! I will be following your blog from now on :). I am looking for writing prompts and the ones you have created seems useful starting point for new writers like me. Keep posting. Will be visiting your site soon.

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