Poem for the day

October by William Morris O love, turn from the unchanging sea, and gaze Down these grey slopes upon the year grown old, A-dying mid the autumn-scented haze, That hangeth o'er the hollow in the wold, Where the wind-bitten ancient elms infold Grey church, long barn, orchard, and red-roofed stead, Wrought in dead days for men... Continue Reading →

Writing Prompt: Missed Opportunities

There are some key moments in everyone's life where a single decision can change things. Sometimes opportunities come to us that we miss and spend the rest of our lives regretting. I've had so many chances to change certain parts of my life and I don't know how many more will come. There are a... Continue Reading →

Writing Prompt: Does someone need a hug?

It's funny how everyone responds differently to physical contact. With some friends, people I've known for years, I can't bring myself to hug them. Their whole being projects "ask me anything, but don't touch", where others seem to want a hug every hello, goodbye and opportunity in between. Some people are desperately ticklish, others don't... Continue Reading →


Missing you could turn from pain to pleasure, if I knew you were missing me too.  ~Author Unknown

Writing Prompt: Random acts of writing

I looked through the bookshelves and it struck me that there are thousands upon thousands of word printed within the pages of my books. These are people's thoughts, stories, heart-felt gems of creativity. There is courage and perseverance on every printed sheet. The covers are works of art. Sometimes I'm guilty of speed reading through... Continue Reading →

This made me smile today

Love's Philosophy The fountains mingle with the river, And the rivers with the ocean; The winds of heaven mix forever, With a sweet emotion; Nothing in the world is single; All things by a law divine In one another's being mingle;-- Why not I with thine? See! the mountains kiss high heaven, And the waves... Continue Reading →

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