Writing Prompt: Missed Opportunities

There are some key moments in everyone’s life where a single decision can change things. Sometimes opportunities come to us that we miss and spend the rest of our lives regretting. I’ve had so many chances to change certain parts of my life and I don’t know how many more will come. There are a few big choices dangling in front of me right now and the path I take will determine my future happiness. I’m scared to get it wrong.

If I think back, I can pinpoint specific decisions that lead me to where I am and I wonder what would have happened if I had gone in a different direction each time.

Think back to the key incidents of your life. What would have happened if you’d gone left instead of right?

One thought on “Writing Prompt: Missed Opportunities

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  1. dear Eliza,

    Even if it seems blurry righ now, if you think you might take the wrong decision, it is not the case. Every decision you make was supposed to be and will lead you where you have to be.

    Well, at least, it is my belief 😉
    don’t be scared, everything’s is going to be all right.


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