Writing Prompt: Listen….

The house is still.

As I lay covered with my duvet, I can hear the outside world begin to stir. There is a series of quick steps towards the house, a little shuffle and steps away, the pace quickening and they fade. I know it’s the milk boy dropping a carton of semi-skimmed on the step. The hot water kicks in and I can hear the house rattle as the water travels through the pipes in the house. The cat lets out a sweet half-snore, half-purr. She’s dreaming of mice. I drop back into blissful  sleep.

I jolt up, awakened by the sharp sound of a lawnmower motor springing to life. Ah, I think, it must be nice out there, the sun must be out. The aroma of coffee, blended with the sound of the coffee maker drift up to me and inspire me to sit up and stretch. The days has begun.

Writing Prompt: Take a moment at any point in the day and just listen. What do you hear? What images are conjured up just by the sounds around you? Describe them.

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