Writing Prompt: Something different

How do we think of things to write about? Do we write what we know? Is everything we put down some variation on what we experience, pure imagination or a little of both?

I’ve often reached for memories to give me something to bring me inspiration or I look the world go by from my perch in a cafe and create stories around what I see. Sometimes it’s fun to look at the world from a different angle. It allows you to see things you may not have noticed before. This evening I lay on the floor of my living room and had a look around at commonplace objects. It’s funny what you notice. From that angle, I saw a candle holder on the window ledge, previously obscured by my red curtains. It made remember when it was given to me, several years ago as a house-warming present, the first time all of my London friends made the trip to Scotland to visit.

Hanging from my bookcase I spotted one of my necklaces. I had been looking for it for months. I bought it during a trip to Notting Hill market with my friend Jayne. It was a warm summer day and we wandered the busy streets looking for a place to stop for tea. She’s married now and living in Leith, far too close for us to have gone this long without seeing each other. I tell myself to call her in the morning.

Pick a corner of your place and have a seat, writing down all that you see. What do your things, often taken for granted remind you of?

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