Writing Prompt: Colour

I’ve been thinking about how colour leaves an impression. It can be the colour of someone’s eyes, a sunset, a bit of brightness when you don’t expect it. Colour can affect your mood, how you perceive people and objects. Here are a few images that caught my attention.

purple iris

The other day, I wandered into a conference that was filled with people in suits, black, grey, striped. The person who stood out was a young woman wearing a teal green dress. The colour was striking, but what was more interesting was people’s reaction to her. She seemed to be bright and full of conversation. It got me thinking. Was it her, or the fact that she stood out from the crowd?

Spend some time looking out for colour. We take the world around us for granted sometimes and it’s good for your writing to be able to appreciate the effect that colour has on an object and our perception of it.

Write about what you see. It can be anything, but pay particular attention to colour. I noticed a friend’s eyes the other day. They’re brown, but with flecks of gold in them. I would have kept looking, but I think he would have found that odd… 🙂

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