Writing Prompt: Hiding the body

In jest, I asked some friends how best to dispose of a body. The implication being that I had killed someone who upset me and that I would need a clever way of covering my tracks. Several friends were very forthcoming in their advice, which made me wonder…how difficult would it be to commit a crime and conceal it?

When you consider that most people go about their lives without particularly violent incidents, what would it take to drive a “normal” person to murder and what they do to cover it up?

Here’s an idea. Think about how someone could kill someone and how they might get away with it.

Here are some weapons to get you started:

1. kitchen knife

2. an ice axe

3.  a laptop cord

4. pipe cleaner

5. a car

6. a bath tub

Here are some motives:

1. money

2. infidelity

3. revenge

4. impulse

5. blackmail

6. none/random

The scene

1. A garage

2. an office

3. The Kitchen

4. An abandoned playground

5. An ally

6. A train station

Use a combination of the three elements listed above to create your crime. Have fun.

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