Writing Prompt: A minute, An Hour, A Day

It's easy to let time slip away from you.  The minutes and hours roll into each other until I glance behind me and see weeks and months stretching far along road of my past. All those seconds with no real recollection or focus on what has passed. Sometimes it's useful to calmly reflect on what... Continue Reading →

Writing Prompt: Challenges

I've had quite a turbulent year. Job changes, friendship issues, family matters...but for all of the trials that have come up, I've found reserves of strength and friendships I didn't realise I had. Think about 10 challenges you've faced this year and write about one of them.

Writing Prompt: The Sea

I lifted the phone from the receiver and dialled. I pulled the phone under the duvet with me to muffle the sound as I heard it ring at the other end. I listened for other sounds in the house and heard nothing. After a moment, I could hear my friend's voice. "Hello?" "Richard, it's me.... Continue Reading →

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