Writing Prompt: Chocolate, Love and other addictions…

purple gerbers

I wondered what would happen if I combined all of my addictions at once.  I went home, put on my flannel pyjamas and began my preparations. In the kitchen, I put the coffee on and went to the wine rack to make a selection. After skimming the bottles, I chose a Montana Pinot Noir and poured it into a decorative wine glass. From the pantry, I rummaged through my stash of treats and chose a dark chocolate bar.

Once these things were prepared on a tray, I placed a purple gerbera in a short vase and settled it on the coffee table in the living room. I opened the bay windows and let a light breeze float past the burgundy curtains.

The remote was nowhere to be seen, so I pulled apart the sofa cushions until it materialised.  I hit play and a moment later,  the Star Trek Enterprise was being attacked. I hit the pause button, remembering a few missing items. My journal,  the one with the green cover and leather  closure, along with my favourite pen would make the evening more complete.

I sat on a cushion on the floor with my legs stretched out before me, hit “play” and began to write. (I like having a film on in the background while I work). As I flipped through the pages of my much loved journal, I recalled the events I had recorded within its  pages and the people whose names feature so prominently there.

I wrote about the people I love. Things about their character make me love them (even the bad traits). I  nibbled on dark chocolate, sipped coffee and once finished, started in on the wine.

There was something luxurious about not worrying about calories, or self editing as I wrote. My cat, eager to be a part of my little party, came in and settled herself against me.  I buckled, and pouring more wine into my glass succumbed to the temptation to have a sneaky cigarette. The over-indulgence night was complete.

So, what was it like to have so many of my weaknesses gathered in one place? It was like having a mini holiday  in my home. A favourite film, chocolate, wine, coffee, writing and my mind filled with love. (and of course, the cat as my companion).

Of all these things, I think what I enjoy most is thinking about the wonderful times I have with people and I made up my mind that this little ritual must be made a habit. However, next time, I think I’ll have some company…

Write about your own little addictions…

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