Writing Prompt: A minute, An Hour, A Day

It’s easy to let time slip away from you.  The minutes and hours roll into each other until I glance behind me and see weeks and months stretching far along road of my past. All those seconds with no real recollection or focus on what has passed.

Sometimes it’s useful to calmly reflect on what has happened throughout the day.

Try this, focus on one important moment of a given day. Try to remember every detail, sound, words, scene, impressions. Do the same for elements of a week. Try to write down even the most mundane moments in as much detail as possible. How you felt, what you saw, people you spoke to, both good and bad experiences, all wrapped up in a week. Now, here is the tricky one. Jot down everything you can remember for the past year. Even if you’re just using bullet points, write them all down. Then pick one thing you remember and write it out in as much detail as possible. There are stories all around you, every day, nestled in your life. Think hard, you’ll find something worth remembering and sharing with others.

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