Writing Prompt: Family Matters

I’ve been away from home for a long time. Sometimes, in order not to miss my family, I switch off a part of my brain and fill my thoughts with all the things I don’t like about where I’m from. The problem with that is sometimes the good things I should be focusing on fade into the background as well.

I’ve heard a few snippets of news from home that concern me and force me to bring family and old friends back to the foreground.  I don’t have long to wait before I can see everyone again. I’m making the journey back soon and I’m hoping that when I step through the threshold, my fears will be put to rest and we can enjoy the holidays together.

Sometimes, it’s easy to let life get in the way. We make excuses for why we’re not in touch. We take the ones we love for granted, but suddenly I’m scared that I’m running out of time to be with my family.

Focus on fond memories you have of your family and friends. Make a list. Don’t edit. Just write. Pick something in particular from the list and expand on it.

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