Writing Prompt: Breaking and Entering

I’ve often wondered what I would do if I woke to find a burglar in the house when I’m alone at night. Would I sneak downstairs? Would I hide? Would I grab a weapon, call the cops, go out an upstairs window, hide in the attic? There are a hundred things that could happen in a situation like that. It’s dangerous, there are two strangers in a place, both with something to lose. Try writing a story about a burglary, both from the point of view of the victim and from the point of view of the burglar. How did they choose the house? How do they react if/when they realise there is someone home? What about the home owner, do they hide, confront, run? For the purpose of this exercise, assume the victim is on their own in the house/flat at night. Create a scene and I totally encourage conflict and dialogue here.

Happy hunting.

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