Writing Prompt: Gadget

Have you ever wondered how science fiction writers create other worlds? It as though they create their own logic, language, and technology, their own worlds and their own people. However, in order for all this to seem normal, for us as readers to be able to suspend disbelief is by making their character have traits or conflicts that we can relate to.

Now, take a step back. Everything around us whether it’s your toaster or the TV, your car or mobile phone, came from someone’s imagination. There was a need somewhere, a “what if?” and they filled it. That is how worlds can be created (including ours). So, try this. look around, if you could have something that would make your life easier or if you could do anything, what would it be? Come up with some crazy science that could make it possible, even if it only ever lives in your imagination. Those are the seeds of yarns, story-telling, make believe. Have fun inventing.

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