Writing Prompt: Cuddly Toy

We’ve all had one. Growing up we all probably had a favourite teddy bear or doll we carried with us everywhere. Mine was Jerry, the teddy bear. He was pale brown with black eyes and dark brown feet and paws. Round ears that listened to my ramblings and rants as a child. To humiliate him, I sometimes put him in a doll’s dress and sat him on the edge of the bed while I made us make-believe tea.

One day, I learned the lesson of permanent damage. I got it into my head that I wanted to play barber and poor Jerry was my client. One clip from the kitchen scissors and a lump of his synthetic fur was gone. Oops , I thought. I don’t know what I thought would happen, but glue was not an option.

So, one of my first lessons in cause and effect…

Last time I visited home, there he was, casually sitting on the bed amongst my other stuffed animals, the same missing clump, the same slight smile on his light tan face. I picked him up, turned him around and spotted the wind-up mechanism in his back I forgot he had. When I turned the handle, the music box still worked and he played “Jack and Jill”. Suddenly I was five years old again, twisting and twisting the handle to let the music play as long as possible until I fell asleep.

I’ve had dozens of stuffed animals throughout my life. Some were gifts from boyfriends, others won at a fun faire, but Jerry was my first favourite.

So, think back to the cuddly toys you’ve had in your life. Write about your favourite. Think about the memories of your childhood associated with it.

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