Writing Prompt: Time Flying

The first two months of the year are gone and I am wondering how that happened without my noticing. I have managed to pack quite a bit in during that time and a fair few changes have taken place in my life in that rapid downward flick of the lashes…

So, what you think back to how many years have passed in your life, does it seem short, or does it feel like you’ve lived a hundred years and aren’t where you thought you’d be. I’ve tried to remember what it was like to be a child, to recall adolescence and young adulthood. Now, I look before and behind my year like one who has reached the long-awaited summer and is already dreading winter, whilst reminding themselves to enjoy the sun on their face while they can.

So, given that a minute is a minute for everyone, yet passes differently in each person’s perception, how have the pass two months treated you? Slow burn or sprint?

Is there anybody out there?

One of a writer’s fears is that there is no audience, that your words and efforts will never reach anyone. It does raise the question; are you writing for an audience or are you writing for yourself?

In the 600+ post I’ve left here, I’ve never asked for a comment, but I’m asking now. Why do you write?

Writing Prompt: STUCK

Have you ever been stuck? Stuck in the mud, stuck in a lift, stuck on a decision, stuck in the middle, stuck on a train? I’ve had all of the above (currently on the last one). So, write a situation where one or more people are stuck somewhere. How does their situation come about and what are they forced to do/say to get out of it?

Good luck getting out…

Writing Prompt: Food on the go…

Ok – rushed as hell today and have managed an egg McMuffin, an instant coffee and a chicken flavoured pot noodle today (Oreos for dessert).  Feeling a little ill…

In my desk there lives a collection of soup sachets, instant drinks, pot noodles, tinned ravioli and peanut packets. That is my fall-back kit when I’m too busy to eat anything.

I love proper food, but now and again, I rely on junk to keep me going.

Write a short piece about someone trying to eat and having the chance, or getting interrupted. Try to make it funny.

Cheerio! (good for breakfast…)

Writing Prompt: Namesake

I’ve been watching Sense and Sensibility this cozy Sunday afternoon. I love Jane Austen and all her works, but there is something about this book that I particularly love. Maybe because the heroines share my name. Try this, read a story by and author that shares your name, or pick a character in fiction that shares it and write a scene for them. So, if your surname is Wheeler, write a scene for a character in Revolutionary Road, if your name is Crane, try writing a new scene for Ichabod Crane from The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, etc…

Writing Prompt: Cooking School

I few years ago I went on a cooking course. It was therapeutic and interesting to see how different people could bond over food. There were couples, a mother and son, a few strangers that has a laugh getting to know the recipes. Chop, chop, chopping in unison we obliterated mixed herbs, that before that day only existed to me in pre-crushed and mixed jars from Tesco. We beat and cut and stuffed a pork fillet then tenderly tucked it in into an oven tray. As it slow cooked, I started beating cream and espresso together for my chocolate tart with espresso cream while the old gentleman nest to me showed me what to do with baking beads. Did you know that to keep pastry from puffing up out of the pie shape, you use these sort of terra cotta beads to hold them down? I only ever saw pies and tarts in their completed form.

The result, an appreciation for cooking and how easily one can fall into conversation with total strangers when you’re comparing the consistency of your Tuscan vegetable soup and roast pork.

So, after a few years, I haven’t repeated the process, but have created recipes of my own. I stumbled upon my old recipe book and the next project is to try to make everything again.

So, most people have some sort of relationship with food. Whether it’s a love of ice cream or a dislike for avocados, everyone has something. So, write about food. What you love, something you hate or a food-related memory. Have fun. Bon Appetite!

Writing Prompt: Pet POV

Ever wonder how your pet perceives the world? Just for fun, imagine your pet and write a day in the life for them. What do they see, do, etc.

Here are some ideas:

A Canary

A Hamster

A Ferret


Have fun..Meow

Writing Prompt: Late for a date

I find myself late for meeting some friends for the evening. It got me thinking of how much more interesting it would be if I could attribute my tardiness to something other than working late. Think of a scene from the point of view of someone late for a blind date. What happens to make them late. Write the scene again from the point of view of the person kept waiting. What do they do, think, feel? Try to add humour or adventure. Right, I’m off!

Quote for the day

I am irritated by my own writing. I am like a violinist whose ear is true, but whose fingers refuse to reproduce precisely the sound he hears within.
– Gustave Flaubert

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