Writing Prompt: Fast Moving Train

Many of us have traveled by train at some point in our lives. In my case, most days. I find a seat, plug in the ipod, close my eyes and listen to tunes as I doze. Other times, I read a book or become engrossed in a game on my iphone.

The point is, that very rarely have I bothered to put the phone, music laptop or books away and just looked out the window at the view. I know it’s not the easiest thing if you’re traveling at night, but when the sun is out or even in the haze of the English countryside or scooting along the coast of Scotland, try looking out the window and taking in the scenery. What do you see? Are there cows grazing? Can you follow the roads and spot rivers or flocks of birds? Maybe you’re passing a city, full of thousands of people living out their lives, hurrying from one place to another.

On the way down to London on day, as I headed down the coastal track via Newcastle, I watched the sea and small towns and I flew past at high speed. A few of the views of trees and rivers made me wish I could stop. I even day dreamed of getting a month train pass and moving from place to place by train and see the country from end to end. (I still may do this).

Next time you’re on a trip, look out the window. Absorb everything around you and write down what you see. You might find your next story setting.

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