Writing Prompt: The Museum

I wandered through the tree-lined path along the river on a bright Spring day. It was one of those rare, perfect mornings in London when I had no money and plenty of time to lose myself in the city. When I reached the museum, I looked up at the grand stone steps, littered with tourists and students talking amongst themselves and taking photographs.

As I entered, they checked my bag then let me pass through the marble covered hallway floor and stone archway into the main gallery.  I turned left and went from painting to painting, admiring the beauty of all those pre-Raphaelite masterpieces.

I stood in front of Ellen Terry as Lady Macbeth, I studied every flower that surrounded the drowned Ophelia and remembered the sad story of Beata Beatrix by Rosetti. I went from room to room, but found myself returning to the first room of paintings.

After a coupe of hours, I went home, but returned to the gallery several times over the following months.  Even after 10 years have passed, I still go back whenever I have spare time in London, having never managed to replicate the feeling of peace I found sitting in that room.

Art affects people in different ways. Have you ever been touched by a work of art? Think about all of paintings, sculptures, drawings, statues or photographs you’ve seen in your life. Write about one that sticks in your memory.

Here’s one of mine…

Painting of Millais' Ophelia_Tate Gallery_London

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