Writing Prompt: Cooking School

I few years ago I went on a cooking course. It was therapeutic and interesting to see how different people could bond over food. There were couples, a mother and son, a few strangers that has a laugh getting to know the recipes. Chop, chop, chopping in unison we obliterated mixed herbs, that before that day only existed to me in pre-crushed and mixed jars from Tesco. We beat and cut and stuffed a pork fillet then tenderly tucked it in into an oven tray. As it slow cooked, I started beating cream and espresso together for my chocolate tart with espresso cream while the old gentleman nest to me showed me what to do with baking beads. Did you know that to keep pastry from puffing up out of the pie shape, you use these sort of terra cotta beads to hold them down? I only ever saw pies and tarts in their completed form.

The result, an appreciation for cooking and how easily one can fall into conversation with total strangers when you’re comparing the consistency of your Tuscan vegetable soup and roast pork.

So, after a few years, I haven’t repeated the process, but have created recipes of my own. I stumbled upon my old recipe book and the next project is to try to make everything again.

So, most people have some sort of relationship with food. Whether it’s a love of ice cream or a dislike for avocados, everyone has something. So, write about food. What you love, something you hate or a food-related memory. Have fun. Bon Appetite!

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