Writing Prompt: Time Flying

The first two months of the year are gone and I am wondering how that happened without my noticing. I have managed to pack quite a bit in during that time and a fair few changes have taken place in my life in that rapid downward flick of the lashes…

So, what you think back to how many years have passed in your life, does it seem short, or does it feel like you’ve lived a hundred years and aren’t where you thought you’d be. I’ve tried to remember what it was like to be a child, to recall adolescence and young adulthood. Now, I look before and behind my year like one who has reached the long-awaited summer and is already dreading winter, whilst reminding themselves to enjoy the sun on their face while they can.

So, given that a minute is a minute for everyone, yet passes differently in each person’s perception, how have the pass two months treated you? Slow burn or sprint?

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