Writing Prompt: Speed writing

I have exactly 6 minutes to write before I have to get to something else. so, I'm just going to keep typing away in the hopes that something interesting comes out. Try this, start writing non-stop for five minutes without editing or thinking. Just write, as I'm doing now. There is nothing that has to... Continue Reading →

Writing Prompt: Rhyme

This prompt is going to be a bit silly, but can be a good way to get the creativity going. Pick a set or words and try to find as many rhyming words as possible. Once you've got your list, create a scene in which all of the words are featured. For instance: Hen, Pen,... Continue Reading →

Writing Prompt: Film Legend

Film has been a major part of my life for as long as I can remember. From an early age, my mother taught me to appreciate actors, directors, screenwriters and all of the people behind the scenes that spend their careers entertaining the masses. As a tribute to the late, great Elizabeth Taylor, arguably one... Continue Reading →

Writing Prompt: Magical Creatures

When I was a kid, I loved stories about magical creatures. Stories of dragons, hippogriffs, centaurs and unicorns fascinated me.  One of my favourite stories was "The Last Unicorn".  Write about a magical creature. What if you came across one in the woods? Have fun, let your imagination go wild.

Writing Prompt: D is for Drag

This is a great word. You can use it a load of ways. To drag, it's a drag, to take a drag... Write a piece that incorporates this word or theme. I'm going to write about dragging a body from the back of car into the woods and about how the corpse got into the... Continue Reading →

Writing Prompt: When I grow up…

It's funny that there are few of us who actually turn out to be what we wanted to be when we were kids. When you were little, did anyone ever ask you what you wanted to be when you grew up? I'll bet someone did, teachers, siblings, parents, relatives. you look up at their expectant... Continue Reading →

Writing Prompt: The Parade

Happy St. Patrick's Day. For today's writing prompt, try writing about something festive. How about writing a story about five friends that get separated during a St. Patrick's Day parade. What adventure does each of them have in trying to find each other?

Writing Prompt: The Balloon

When I was little, one of my favourite treats when going to an amusement park with my parent s was to get a balloon. It made it hard to go on rides and of course. Mom or Dad would have to mind it for me while I enjoyed the carousel. Once I got it home,... Continue Reading →

Writing Prompt: C is for Crash

For a short word, it brings out all sorts of images. A crash can be several things. A crash diet, extreme, fast, urgent, determined, sometime desperate. A alcohol, drug or sugar crash - to be high one minute and to reach the earth, violently with a thud. Destructive and often painful, whether it's your mood... Continue Reading →

Writing Prompt: B is for Banishment

When I was young, at the age when every action and word of your peers has the weight and importance more damaging than the shifting of continents, I had a friend who passed me over. For the two years prior to my banishment, we had been inseparable. Although we were in different classes throughout the day,... Continue Reading →

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